Thursday, July 28, 2011

WHAT !? Are YOU kidding ME....

People need to got OFF the Racist issue COME ON!
We have here angry black people who are in disagreement with the TEA PARTY and display their anger with out the knowledge or understanding of racism isues.
Let me just point out! The black race that are PRO NBA,NFL and other sport related events where there are nothing but Blacks are making nothing but MILLIONS of dollars in a free country!
In my opinion which in the grand scheme of things that might not even hold water with some YES there are White, Black, Asian and others that are not living here on planet earth.
Here is a clip of what I am trying to get across just listen to the HATE!
Listen if there any BLACKS-NEGRO"S from  four hundred and fifty (450) years ago still holding on to that age old grudge  WOW! Quit this in JESUS name! The road to HELL is WIDE and the one to heaven in narrow chose this day whom you will severe.

I also what to share Glenns view on this as Well here they are...

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