Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let's Drive this Bus over the Edge...

To those who are watching America, head into inflation of the dollar. The term congress wants to use today is the fiscal cliff! Even if you are not paying attention to the Obama administration and the plans they are rolling out the 1st of January 2013 or if you are, please be aware of what took place in 2010 when Americans lost their retirement and home values rock bottomed. On January 1st 2013 the Obama administration intends to increase taxes on the rich. This will place an undue burden on you and the poor and middle class. Then in the medical care profession, your health care insurance will increase.  Also due to the Obama health care plan, small businesses will have to cut their employee’s hours or fire them completely and large corporations will also scale back. The Obama administration also intends to come after your 401k. The plan is to eliminate it completely. He just announced the Y2K program for everyone to get onboard.   
Simply put, Obama care is a communistic medical practice. Or what people refer to as Socialized medicine; much better known as Government control of your Health care. Here is a video of Ron Paul giving the explanation of the outcome of this practice from a doctor’s point of view.
Here are my thoughts for those who are following the new trend in Government being forced on Americans, and who understand what Obama is doing and all those who agree with his practices for world power. The republic parties in the congress should back off and give Obama his way and let him drive this country into HYPER INFLATION or over the fiscal cliff, just stand back and let our world economy collapse. Next anyone who has their money in the stock market or have a 401k, get your money out! On January 1st 2013 the market will fall like it did just two years ago but this time you will lose everything! I have talked with a lot of people that lost their retirement money and their home values dropped over half of their original value. There is no recovery for the original value again in our current market today. Look for low risk interest bearing accounts that offer a least 5%. Take the hit or penalty for the early withdraw on the 401k. You will be patting yourself on the back this time around if you protect what little investment interests you have.
Friends please research and understand where this current administration wants to take this country.  Especially those who are conservatives, be clear on the path you want to see our country head in these next four years. Those who are communists already support the new order under this administration.
Those who are still (non)voters or who just do not care which way this country heads will find the surprise of a life time!
On my best day!