Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Pole

Get It

Have you ever been denied from a volunteer position? Of any kind. 
In order to volunteer your time have you ever had to answer over 50+ questions like on application of some kind to volunteer your help? 
Here is how it goes for me I volunteered  my time to help an email to support group called search for Jesus.I had a phone interview and the nice lady said I would be taking a test in some form or fashion. 
I got the Email opened in up and all I can say is WOW! 
These question were very intimidating to say the least if it were God Himself standing there asking you why He should let into heaven. I think Pastors should sit down and go over these questions they may step down from their podium after this intense question and answer process.
I have since received their denial for me as a volunteer praise God I am living in His will for me and not being kicked to the curb. These methods are very intrusive and rest on the edge of very judgmental. 
My understanding is that there are a very new and still working out all quirks in all their formalities. 
Like I said in the reply email best wishes!