Wednesday, October 29, 2014

YP Ads


Before you decide listen very carefully! 
All of their services on the website are extremity HARD to manage when you need to make a payment or make adjustments to your ad or even track your calls.
Let me begin with the fact that the service is BAD, you are told one thing and lead to another.

My ad was set-up by two representatives Debra and Cody.


I signed-up for a 4(four) month plan at $40.00 a month 
This was guaranteed to give me at least two customer calls each month witch they now deny.We discussed the a monthly payment plan witch is not taking place and they bill you at the end of the contract, I just now was informed.They offer to play back the recording of the conversation for you so you can listen to the agreement if you have a dispute or you decide to cancel the contract.
Beware that the website is NOT user friendly and you have NO way to know whether or not you will receive any calls from potential customers.You get to see the stat page and the home page were you ad resides and you can make very little modification to the ad.
Payment by monthly you have to set up an whole other account that is if you have an interest in paying online this is also hard to manage. Here is the kicker if you cancel the contract weather it is a 4(four) month or 12(twelve) month plan you are going to pay it NO matter what! 


Here was the process I was told to take from Debra an Account Executive at YP in order for me to cancel my service. I was told to call the billing department in which I did and, I intend to do once again, Their response to my call was that I need to call back the person who was handling my account to have them close this account.
This is were it gets a bit aggravating. The person ( Account Executive) who is the person who is to check up on my account cannot follow through and has to passes me off to the sales manger as I am trying to get this cancellation resolved. As I speak to the sales manager he informed me that whether I cancel now or not I will still have to pay for the full 4(four) months $160.00 and the contract states under no circumstance will they issue me the cancellation of this service with out paying them the $160.00 in full or at the end of the 4(four) months.

I explained my hardship to the sale manager to no avail and what I have received to this point for the money that is going to spent is NOTHING!!

More news as of today 10/31/2014 I called the YP billing department once again and they gave me another number to call (1-800-888-3862) and when they answered they ask me were I got this number. My confidence in this company is beyond words but I will give it to you straight DISORGANIZED. 
The person said that they would have Kieth contact me  to help me resolve my contract cancellation.She also mention that the contract has me listed out of district BEWARE! I told them it was grieves and that we need to cancel with out further billing and here I sit once again with no one willing to assist.
There are exception but no one is will to assist me with my request and I am still left with minor corrections unseen and to continue with said contract until it expires.

Best recommendation:
Not to get into contract with this company or you may find yourself in the same situation that I am facing.

YP RATING between 1-10 (1) VERY POOR.