Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Last Day in Court


Sitting here my mind has got to come to grips with what has happened today. The court closed out a case that was looming with a plea bargain in court today with the attorney. My heart is heavy in that innocent poor people have to hope for a plea bargain for their innocents. Today that means conforming to a guilty plea in order to prevent bankrupting families.Arrived early at the court house today the attorney was sitting and waiting to talk with his clients before the hearing. He tried one more time to let his client know if he were to change his mind and take this to trial he would go the distance.

As the attorney started talking with his client I stood in silence and listened to every word he had to say. He has an innate gift for his profession, he also is somber and clear, making sure you understood what he is saying and to be clear on what was going to take place per his clients request. My heart sank knowing that his wife put him into this position in the first place.She was also subpoenaed to be here today. As I stood leaning against the court house wall all there was from her was a cold sober look. Not even a look or words were even spoken from her it seem that she got what she wanted today.Parents and grandparents will always want whats best for their family/child so today his client was charged with a misdemeanor. Three years of probation and penalties costing thousands of dollars and this is how it works in today's world.There is no more innocent until proven guilty in the court system anymore, it is guilty until proven innocent.

So today he will walk away from the court room never to return here again in his life time. So from here it is approximately three years to pay off the justice system, report to the probation officer and move forward. This has been a very one sided thing when there are two families involved My conclusion is that there are some very Evil people that live in this world today and as Christians we need to pray for those who do harm. In the end know where you stand with Jesus as for those who do not know every knee will bow and every tongue will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord. 

A Last Day in Court


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