Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shutle Bus to Mars

16 Selected to travel to Mars to save Earths remaining intelligent life

Black 2
White 2
Japanese 2 
Chinese 2
Russian 2
UK 2
Mexican 2 
Mix 2

A total of 16 in shuttle will begin the journey the total of the shuttle capacity 32 plus the driver Each couple would have two children preferably a boy and a girl each child would learn the duties from each parent to continue fight to maintain ships momentum to reach Mars and one from the mix will become the new driver. 
spacecraft powered by a positron reactor
The original first group of parents; as death occurs they will be released into space in the label body bags to make room for other offspring while continued flight. 
There will remain at all times only 33 people on board space shuttle until destination Mars is reached. 

The new Fusion propulsion engines are now being test for filght. 

For more information on the characteristic of the new propulsion system you can view all the reshearch here Reaching the Stars
By twenty twenty six 2026 there will be inhabitents on Mars.

We have made a place to put on board one cryogenic stasis tube holding one female. This tube will be monitored during flight and open upon reaching Mars. The reason for putting a woman into cryogenic stasis tube they are more resilient to space environmental changes in space travel. Age 28 upon reaching Mars from cryogenic stasis. 

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