Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crap On a Craker

America here we are the nominee for the republican party IS

Donald J. Trump

Vote's will be important in the general election and just listening to a lot of people that are republicans that are not going to vote and burning their registrations to vote, along with whatever objections or reservation they have... well, we might as well hand over the presidency to Hillary. WOW, staunch conservative republicans that are not going to vote for their party good or bad want to through up their hands in utter disgust and walk away and epitomize the whole republican party. Well crap on a cracker vote for Hillary and see what you really get!  
You get an Aminstaration 100Xs Obamanation!! You will not believe this outcome! 
Look I now such a person who will not vote and they are a conservative republican. I am not going to persuade (her) to vote it will be the first time by a no vote they will get whatever comes their way and will hurt thousands of others this voting year. Suck it up people a vote for Trump is better than the alternative YOU DECIDE!   
President 2017*