Thursday, June 30, 2016

American Pitfall (Part 1)

Hope you heard this one American

As you are listening to this there is NO black Lives Matter or LBT groups that are even brought up for we are all Americas!
                                                STOP IT NOW! LISTEN!

Black America needs to STOP killing each other and take the hate you have and rethink who you are and all the freedom you have today and see that this black president who represents the color of your skin 'BLACK' has lead this country into a weak state of affairs in our world's history he takes 'BLACK' to an all new height of stupidity. Not all black people are the same neither are white people there are so many that fall under the category of stupidity that it is sickening.

Today government employees that lie think that they are telling the truth and they have followers that hear these lies and they believe they are truths. Stop listening to their lies for they are taking this country down the road of destruction!

Lastly, I personally do not care if Obama does not say the name of terrorists for he has committed the crime of the century by his criminal actives while being this President and the people of America are just STUPID to allow it to continue.Look, all things come to an end whether anyone likes it or not how it ends will be the big question and the Media will just chalk it all up as HISTORY!