Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Day In July


America go's into overdrive staying out late til' 10 at least here in Central Oregon Bend anyway just to watch some sparklers, fireworks, and just a few displays off of Piolet Butte. This year it was a three day weekend for everyone. On Sunday we had our little family barbecue and we enjoyed each others company played a game or two of Mexican train then it was back to the work week on Tuesday.But I got to enjoy the company of my wife on Monday things were still and quiet for the most part.  

Americans celebrate the fourth of July to remember or not, that this is the birth of a nation from tyranny and the new found independence with liberty from the British. 

This is just a bit of history 101 that all generation will need to know later in their lifetime. Will it be crucial no but it's a great way to watch your money go up in smoke. 

Today July 4th, 2016 will go done into the history books as a Free America as we know it, the future continues to presses onward into an-obis of uncertainty. For today as long as we can call ourselves free will see more Independence days ahead.  

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