Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shocker Game Changer

My take! 
Comey has given Congress (The Counsel) full disclosure with the exception of classified information about Hillary Clintons behavior while Secretary of State he has been requested to give this information to Congress and it will be released behind closed doors for the deliberations of Hillary Clinton's conduct to  her position while she was (Secretary of State). At this point, she should have NO access to any classified information. (JUST SAYING) It is now the responsibility of Congress to get their act together to act on and deliberate on Comey's finds and execute the just ramification of her acts. Hillary Clinton should be stripped of ALL access to classified information due to her incompetence and misuse of improper channels in her improper acts of communications.
I am not a lawyer or any of that stuff for me it is common science! 

I would like to hear your thoughts on this if you have any? 
Do you think Hillary is fit to become our next president? 
If so why?

For all you guys who like Obama he has undercut the Constitution of the United State by Executive Order and this one is huge as it pertains to the National Security of our country.   

Executive Order 13526

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